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Alfreda is a singer, songwriter and performer based in London.

2023 has got off to a great start with the birth of her night 'Alfreda's Demos & Debuts'. The night has so far been hosted as London hot spots Sketch and Laylow, and is now in talks to be hosted at House of Koko, 180 Strand, and Lou Lou's 5 Hertford Street.

 Alfreda has  steadily become talk of the town in publications like Tatler, who named her '2022's answer to Kate Bush'

People come to Alfreda's shows for her deeply dynamic singing voice, and her provocative, immersive performances. She has been applauded not only for putting on a great show, but also for her brutally honest and humorous lyrics. The songs are perfect for anyone with a joy of words and a love of storytelling.

'1950s repressed housewife by day, seedy jazz bar star by night'

Her biggest inspirations are Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minelli, David Bowie,  Joni Mitchell, Grace Jones, and Lily Allen. 

Alfreda is currently writing and recording her first full length EP, titled 'Mothers Makeup'. The project tells a coming of age story about a young girl with the belief that she must become exactly what men want, but she learns some harsh truths in the process.

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